- Model UF-PACK WATER - Ultrafiltration Package Systems for Potable Water Treatment


The UF-PACK is a system used for all types of Water Treatment applications. It is based on the ultrafiltration (UF) technology using low-fouling hollow fiber membranes 'outside-in' type and can produce high quality potable water. It is unique due to its compactness, effectiveness, and ease of installation. DEVISE ENGINEERING offers a number of standard models ranging from 100 to 5,000 mVday, which can be supplied in standard ISO freight containers. Multiple containers or skid-mounted units can produce plants with capacities up to 50,000 m3/day.

Reliable and Efficient System
UF-PACK is suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation (containerized system) and can operate under any weather conditions, such as extreme heat (desert conditions) or freezing temperatures, as it incorporates special features to support harsh operating environments.

The design of each UF-PACK plant is based on actual quality and volumetric data of the feed water to be filtered. The UF membranes used can handle waters with high turbidities and pollution.

Membrane cleaning is performed by periodic back flushing, using filtered water, at fixed time intervals, during which the flow direction through the membranes is reversed (i.e. inside-out). This is used to effectively remove most of the suspended solids layer gradually built-up on the feed side of the membrane fibers.

Further membrane cleaning is provided by an automatic “build-in” CIP (Cleaning in Place) system using chemical solutions such as hypochlorite, acid and/or caustic soda. These chemical cleaning procedures are performed whenever required based on the Trans Membrane Pressure or on a prescheduled time plan.


The hollow fiber UF membranes provide a physical barrier that rejects micro solids, bacteria cells, colloidal turbidity, macromolecules and viruses. This technology has been proved effective in numerous potable water installations worldwide. The resulting filtered water quality is characterized by low turbidity, absence of viruses and bacteriological contaminants and low SDI values. The filtered water can be safely used as potable water as well as a feed to other desalination applications.

The UF-PACK is highly stable pressure-driven membrane separation unit operating in dead-end mode. During normal operation, the water is allowed to permeate through the membrane fibers in an “outside-in” fashion whereas almost all suspended and colloidal solids are retained on the membrane surface. This leads to a significant turbidity reduction in the filtrate stream.


Smart Solution

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • High applied flux values and obtainable recoveries
  • Fully tested before dispatch
  • Ready to plug & play
  • Modular design
  • Ideal for refurbishment on existing plants to offer increased quality effluent for reuse
  • Easy transportation, deployment and installation
  • Space saving - Small foot print
  • Low energy demand

Easy Operation

  • Fully automatic
  • Controlled by PLC and/or SCADA
  • User friendly interface (touch screen HMI)
  • Remote monitoring
  • Excellent performance with process stability
  • Low chemical demand

High Performance and Quality

  • Hydrophilic low-fouling membranes
  • Reliable operation at high solids content
  • Effective retention of bacteria cells & colloids
  • High-quality & consistent permeate production
  • High & reliable system performance
  • Easy & low maintenance

Plant Design
The DEVISE UF-PACK™ containerized or skid-mounted unit constitutes a complete Water Treatment Plant which would only need basic 'in-take' and residual disinfection works before potable water is fed directly to public water supply. The produced treated water from a DEVISE UF-PACK™ system is the safest way to produce drinking water as the effluent water is always free of suspended solids, bacteria and other common contaminants found in raw water sources.

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