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Dewatering Bag


Our Dewatering-Bag and Sediment filter bags are ideal for pumping sediment laden water into where it is filtered and the water passes through the non-woven geotextile, which retains the sediment and oil too!. Sewn with multiple seams, these dewatering bags are made from a durable geotextile filtration fabric. The Granite Environmental silt bag can accommodate up to a 4” pipe in the hose sock.  If you are pumping into a dumpster or on the ground, this dirt bag is perfect for your project! Typical sediment filter bag installation information available.

Flocculant or polymer for finer clay and organic media, combined with the use of our sediment bags, will certainly provide better flow rates, discharge clarity and % of solids retained results.

Available standard bag sizes (8 oz or 10 oz non-woven) are: 6’ x 6’, 15’ x 10’, 15’ x 15’, 15’ x 20’, or 15’ x 25’

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