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Didion Separator has earned customer loyalty and an excellent reputation in the market by designing efficient moisture separators such as our vertical up flow in-line separators. Type DSU vertical up-flow in-line separators are strategically designed to remove nearly all particulates and liquid droplets from different types of gas streams that require an up flow configuration. When it comes to product performance and customer service, Didion Separator comes next to none.

Why Vertical Up flow In-Line Steam Separators are Important?

There are certain industrial applications that require steam or gas to be free of moisture droplets and particulates. The Type DSU, vertical up flow in-line steam separators, are constructed to remove entrained droplets and particulates from steam supplied to equipment requiring dry steam. This increases the longevity and performance of the steam operated equipment saving a great deal of money in the long run. We at Didion Separator manufacture our Type DSU steam separators to ensure that your equipment and systems remain free from the detrimental presence of moisture droplets in your steam, compressed air, and other gas processes.

Why Choose Didion Separator When It Comes to Type DSU Vertical Up flow In-Line Separator?

Didion Separator with its many years of experience and expertise has gained a great deal of technical know-how and manufacturing capabilities to produce our standard steam separators that are capable of removing 99% of entrainment of 10 microns and above. We can offer better efficiencies with our custom designs. The following are some features of our separators:

  1. Standard units can efficiently separate a broad range of flow rates. They are efficient when operated between 25 – 125% of flow design.
  2. Separators work primarily by using centrifugal force. This type of element is not prone to cracking, plugging or pressure drop increases, unlike the commonly marketed vane elements.
  3. The internal element works by spinning the flow causing centrifugal forces. This results in the element actually being self-cleaning resulting in consistent efficiencies and no maintenance, unlike vane separators.
  4. All units are Code Stamped per ASME Section VIII, Div I.
  5. All standard 150# units are designed for 150 psig @ 500° F., and all standard 300# units are designed for 500 psig @ 650° F.
  6. The units are capable of providing many years of uninterrupted service due to the built in corrosion allowance and all stainless internals.

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