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- Model PB - Wood-Based Panel Plants



In 1990 the first continuous Dieffenbacher press CPS was delivered to a particle board plant. Customers around the world have been producing high-quality particle boards using Dieffenbacher plants ever since. We respond to our customers' requirements to reduce production costs with numerous technical innovations and further developments. For example, Dieffenbacher developed various lightweight panel concepts that require up to 30% less wood. Another approach in the field of particle boards is efficient gluing solutions such as EVOjet P, which Dieffenbacher guarantees to have a low level of glue consumption.

  • Maximum forming accuracy and optimum utilization of material
  • Reduced glue consumption due to an innovative gluing system
  • Precise press setting options, including for low-density lightweight panels
  • Perfect surfaces ready to be directly coated or printed
  • Energy system with maximum efficiency due to an integrated drier/energy concept

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