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DIEMME Soil Washing is a qualified interlocutor with innovative solutions for marine-fluvial sediments treatment and recovery by polyfunctional platform. DIEMME Soil Washing designs, develops, produces and installs complete sediments treatment plants by means of the Soil Washing technologic process, which can be defined in this field also as “SEDIMENT WASHING” or “SEDIMENT TREATMENT” process. The progressive deposit in port areas of sediments transported by tides or by river inputs connected to them, has the consequence of a seabed increase, which in extreme cases may bring to the navigation stop. Therefore, periodical dredging operations are necessary to remove sediments for the re-establishment of necessary depth conditions. The dredged material is considered waste and subject to current regulations.

The disposal of dredged sediments appears so far an unsolved problem in organic and sustainable way. Dumping into the sea or coastal re-feed are hardly ever possible.

The use of sediment storage lagoons requires wide area extents difficultly available closed to the port. Very long and not programmable management times. Difficulty in disposing the sediment storage lagoons residual.

The Coastal Marine and Fluvial Sediments Treatment and Recovery Platform is as far the most innovative technological solution.

The service of the treatment platform is:

  • Ecologic and sustainable sediments recovery
  • Possibility to treat and recover both fluvial and coastal marine sediments
  • Treatment of wet (from dredging) and dry sediments (from storage lagoons)
  • Recovery of classified particle-size fractions, sand, silts, clays, etc.
  • Reduction of natural resources consumption
  • Reuse of recovered products by coastal re-feed, cement manufacturers, brickyards, road beds, ambient upgrade, etc.

 A different approach to an old problem, sediments are a resource and not only waste.

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