Mid-Atlantic Irrigation Co., Inc.

Mid-Atlantic Irrigation Co., Inc.

Diesel Pumping Units

Our pumping units are engineered to give maximum performance, fuel economy and long life. Each component is built to exacting specifications after long and exhaustive testing to ensure peak performance of pump and engine at the same speed and horsepower. The engines are capable of continuous duty and are governed at speeds to give horsepower and fuel efficiency for many years of service. The pumps are single-stage centrifugals of cast iron construction with balanced impellers and are bolted directly to the engine flywheel housing to assure perfect and permanent alignment. Each unit and all components are designed and manufactured to work together within the full range of their capabilities assuring long, trouble-free service.

  • Trailer Mounted
  • Engine Enclosure
  • Safety Shutdown System
  • 150 Gal. Fuel Tank
  • Battery Kit
  • Hand Primer Kit
  • Discharge Check Valve

  • Clutch
  • Electric Primer
  • Oil, Fuel, and Coolant Sight Guages
  • Any pumping unit can be custom designed and outfitted to match your specific requirements

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