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Diffuser Plates


Our ProAir 4 Diffuser Plates are one of the best on the market with the new patented PTFE coated air tubes.

Our Diffuser platesare self weighted ( do not need to be weighted down with gravel/rock). Simply drop the plate and it is designed to cut the water directly to the bottom of the pond. It is very easy to lift up again as it only weights a few pounds.

PTFE coated (Teflon material) air tubes on the diffusers not only prevent anything from sticking but they also maintain their integrity as compared to the rubber membrane systems. What this means the pressure of the air is evenly distributed across the tube and 360 degrees around it keeping the bubbles very small and uniform throughout.

With 360 degree bubble action the water is entrained from the very bottom at the mud water interface of the pond. Dye test have proven this to be true. Why is this important? The dissolved oxygen comes into contact with the ponds muck which speeds digestion and all the trapped gases are drawn up and released into the atmosphere.

The design of the plates is like a snow shoe and sits on top of the muck and will not embed itself.

All systems come with self weighted air tubing.

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