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- Model MC - Master Control Unit for Pressure and Flow Control System



The Difgen MC is the master control unit for a pressure/flow control system comprising two or more Difgen turbines working in concert. With the built-in capability to control other valves and control devices, and to monitor external measuring devices, it represents a complete solution for a pressure or flow control station.

A multiple Difgen system requires a master control system to address such additional issues as:

  • how operation of the Difgen array should be coordinated
  • how the Difgen should be integrated in the overall operation

In its base configuration, the MC can control two Difgens in parallel or in series, a bypass PRV and three isolation valves. Adding optional plug and play control and measurement loops can extend it into a comprehensive system. A library of thoroughly tested standard functional blocks ensures consistent functionality.

Zeropex has issued a general guideline document (TDO11871) for anyone who wants to implement this functionality in their own SCADA/PLC system, or in their own frame-contract system integrator.

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