- V-Ditching Buckets



Built to order, to suit the dimensions of ditch you require, for any size of excavator or mini. V-Ditching Buckets can be made for any size of excavator, and are extremely useful for forming and maintaining ditches. We manufacture these attachments to suit your requirements.

  1. Top (overall) width
  2. Depth of cut
  3. Base width

These buckets can be supplied with or without teeth, although they are not generally suited to very hard, rocky ground.

Provided you do not exceed the normal capability of your machine, in terms of depth or overall (top) width, we can manufacture your bucket to any dimensions you supply.

Bear in mind that the angle of the trench sides must take into account soil conditions - loose or sandy ground will not bank as steeply as clay, for example.

Taper Tile buckets are simply narrow, steep-sided versions of this type of bucket.

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