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Digester / WWTP Bio Gas Recovery



Millions of gallons of sewer water is returned to Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) for cleaning. The sewer water comes from households as well as commercial & industrial facilities.

The solids from the waste water treatment process are sent to Digesters, which break down the solids to produce Anaerobic Digester Gas. The gas typically contains 60% methane, a recoverable and renewable source of energy. Most of the remaining gas is CO2, a potential source for fertilizer.

It’s is a valuable source of “GREEN ENERGY”; however, it’s hot (90 to 110 0F), humid (80-100 %) and dirty; and, its produced at a very low pressure (8” – 20” WC).

Untreated, the gas is not suitable for power generation, because, it damages piping & equipment coming in contact with it. Its most troublesome contaminants are – Moisture, Siloxanes and Sulfur compounds. The gas shall be cleaned, dried & compressed for a gen-set, turbine or boiler.

The gas recovery eliminates harmful emissions to atmosphere, provides a renewable domestic energy source, and, earns EPA credits for WWTP.

For proper selection and sizing of equipment, consult factory. PIONEER systems are available with or without PLC (AB/ SIEMENS/ GE), with your choice of controls. Non-standard equipment is our specialty.

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