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Direct Drive Conversions


Separators, Inc.  has designed direct drive couplers for a variety of clutch driven Alfa Laval and Westfalia take down of C.I.P. centrifuges. The couplers take the place of the fluid clutch or friction clutch hub to provide a direct link between your centrifuge motor and the horizontal drive mechanism. To properly start and run your new direct drive conversion, Separators, Inc. provides Danfoss VLT5000 series variable frequency drives. The VFD arrives at your plant completely programmed to properly run your centrifuge.

The VFD has pre-programmed terminals to provide your control panel with at speed indication, drive fault alarm and a 4-20mA output for monitoring motor Hz. All Danfoss drives that we provide have 'restart on the fly' capability built in without purchasing additional add-ons. This allows the operator to re-start the centrifuge without having to wait for the centrifuge to come to a complete stop.

Separators, Inc. can supply a full range of VFDs from 1 to 60 HP in your voltage range.

Typically, removing the clutch and installing the direct drive coupler is easy. But, Separators, Inc. can provide assistance with the conversion and even perform a preventative maintenance on your centrifuge while at your plant.

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