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- Direct Evaporation Technologies


AguaRaider’s Direct Evaporation Technologies are a Sustainable Solution for Disposal of O&G and Industrial Wastewaters. Water Management is critical and one of the more costly factors in the E&P operations. Integration of the Wastewater Pretreatment Module can allow the AguaRaider Evaporation Unit to evaporate as much as 90% of the wastewater volume.

The AguaRaider Wastewater Pretreatment Module can also treat flowback water and/or produced water for reuse. The combination of AguaRaider technologies can provide support in the water management of a resource which is critical to oil & gas and industrial operation.

AguaRaider can provide a Performance Guarantee for both the AguaRaider Direct Evaporation Process and the AguaRaider Wastewater Pretreatment Module.

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