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- Model 10.04.30 - 36 mm Miniature Monitoring System



Direct-well filter, Ø 36 mm, length 1 m. Filter pipe with filter gauze and synthetic adaptor for HDPE tubing 10 x 13 mm. Set of 5 pieces

Direct-well filter

The Direct-well filter consists of a perforated pipe, length 1 or 2 m, covered with filter gauze (outside diameter 36 mm). At the top of the filter pipe a synthetic adapter allows fitting a 36mm x 2m tubing. The Direct-well filter is suited for application in a 45-70 mm drilled hole, as well as in a 40-70 mm casings.

Bentonite collar

The available bentonite collars, diameter 35x15 mm and length 0.5 m, are suited for 10x12 mm tubing. The collars weigh 2 kg/m.

  • Mini-diameter; maximum flow performance
  • Can be used in any 5-7 cm borehole / casing
  • Ideal with sonic drill casing hammered or vibrated 7 cm casing
  • Bentonite will plug entire hole; no backfilling
  • No sand; no bentonite pellets
  • Can be installed rapidly until large depths with sonic drilling GP63 casing
  • KIWA Hallmark checked components
  • Suits all environmental parameters

  • Simple installation.
  • Very low purging volume before sampling.
  • Easy sampling with peristaltic pump or foot
  • valve pump.
  • Strongly reduced water/air contact surface,
  • resulting in minimal stripping effects and
  • minimal oxidation
  • Water level measurements with sounding
  • apparatus with electrode diameter 4.8 mm.
  • Can be used to large depths.
  • Ideal monitoring well for use in gravel layers;
  • perfect and rappid installation through
  • percussion, sonic and sounding techniques.
  • Little costs of materials and installation.

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