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DIRK has established itself as a major force in the grit-blasting industry using reclaimed power plant slag as a high grade, multipurpose, expendable abrasive. By marketing a chemically inert product, which does not damage our environment, DIRK Blastgrit has replaced siliceous materials; its chemical constituents contain no free silicas and it is free of all toxic and cancer-inducing agents, thus setting the highest standards in Europe and the U.K. DIRK Blastgrit conforms to the U.K. Health and Safety Act, the Blasting (Casting and other Articles) special Regulations, Statutory Instrument No. 2225-1949, the C. 0. S. H. H. 1658, which prohibit use of certain substances hazardous to health in operations. DIRK Blastgrit meets the BIS standard and the German DIN-standard for expendable abrasives.

DIRK Blastgrit® the 'Universal' Multipurpose abrasive

DIRK Blastgrit® is a fused, and thus, inert material, which does not contain metal substances. In layman's terms, the product has a glass-like character. This chemical composition allows DIRK Blastgrit® to be used on a variety of surfaces such as:
This variety of applications adds to the economic advantages of using DIRK® Blastgrit

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • All types of other metals
  • Stone
  • Concrete and brickwork
  • Wood
  • Plastics & textiles

DIRK Blastgrit® -the economical grit-blasting material

The chemical composition of DIRK Blastgrit® provides the basis for economical effectiveness:

a) The bulk density of 1.4 gm/cm3 provides the optimum density for higher productivity. When compared with a comparable tonnage of higher density metal-slags, DIRK Blastgrit® is able to achieve a significant increase in surface area coverage (results obtained from independently supervised tests).

b) All-purpose DIRK Blastgrit® covers all blastcleaning operations, thereby reducing stockholdings of different abrasives and ensuring that the correct abrasive is used.
c) DIRK Blastgrit® can be used for a variety of surfaces, consequently any surplus can be used on your next application
whatever the surface.

DIRK Blastgrit® - available near any of your sites - WORLDWIDE

DIRK Blastgrit® is supplied in 29 litre (41kg) 4-ply paper bags, substantially shrink-wrapped and delivered on disposable pallets suitable for double stacking.

We offer a comprehensive delivery service to your site, or you can collect from our nearest depot, according to requirements.

Even the best products have to be applied correctly; the knowledge and experience of the operator is a major contributor to effective and economical performance.

We are aware of this fact and whilst supplying top quality machinery and products, we also cater for our customers' training requirements by offering seminars, classroom courses and on-site technical demonstrations. Expert tuition and practical instruction in all aspects of Health and Safety at Work are of great importance and, we believe, our responsibility.

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