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- Model Beass Series - Complete Stand Alone Vacuum Filter Separators



The BEASS-Series are complete stand alone vacuum filter separators, designed to be part of a vacuum system by connection to a vacuum unit. The upper part of the unit contains the the main filter system and filter cleaning equipment. The lower conical part is the dustbin for separated and collected material, and shall be equipped with discharge device adopted for material and operation conditions. Dry material and even liquids can be handled by the filters.

The BEASS Filter containers meet the high demands from the industry due to its efficiency, reliability, ease of operation and maintenance giving excellent value for money.

  • Rigid design for industrial use
  • Designed for high vacuum systems
  • Filter systems for most materials and even liquids -Automatic filter cleaning without compressed air
  • Several options for filters and other accessories
  • Hopper with favourable discharger angle and inspection door

One of the most important problems to solve when planning a central cleaning system is the handling of the collected dust and material. BEASS is designed to handle those types of dust and material that will allow discharge through a conical hopper opening. Any type of discharge system can be connected to the bottom flange, flap valve, sluice system or big-bag filling.

The vacuumed material is first separated in the fall chamber where heavier material fall by gravity into the bin compartment. From there the air stream will continue to the main filter system where the remaining fine dust will be separated. Collected material is discharged through the bottom valve system which shall be desig-ned for the specific material and operational condition of the vacuum system.

The Filter Separator is equipped with automatic ATM (air repulse) filter cleaning. When activated, large air inlets will ensure a fast backwards air direction through the filter bags, thus in an efficient way knocking off collected dust from the filter bag surface. The filters can also, as an option, be equipped with pneumatic JET-pulse filter cleaning as well as several monitoring devices i.e. high level control, Dp-control etc. The BEASS Filter Separators are designed for stationary operation and shall be placed on a steel structure stand support adapted to discharging conditions.

For use in any industrial application where reliable filters are requested for separation of dust or material. BEASS is designed for stationary installation, and can be used for both indoor and out door operation.

Vacuum plants in industrial installations such as; power stations, pulp- and paper, cement-, lime- and concrete, steel works, food and plastic industry and general vacuum cleaning systems.

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