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Disc Filter With External Source for Backwash



JK-matic disc filter is divided into 2 'and 3' two specifications, each of which has five kinds of filtration accuracy, respectively: 200μm, 130μm, 100μm, 50μm, 20μm. Raw water quality classification: Excellent water quality: city tap water, well water extracted from a stable aquifer; General water quality: circulating cooling water, the precipitation of treated surface water, after the effective deposition of completely biologically treated drainage; Poor water quality: groundwater extracted from aquifers with poor water quality, groundwater that has been effectively sedimented but has not been or has been subjected to very little biological treatment, and has microbial mass reproduction; Very Poor water quality: well water drawn from dirty or ferromanganese-rich wells, surface water affected by flooding without precipitation, and un-precipitated and biologically treated drainage.

Disc Filter Guide

  • 2” filter unit’s filtration area=1200 cm2
  • 3” filter unit’s filtration area=1660 cm2

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