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Disc Filters



The BOKELA disc filters Boozer are modern high performance disc filters establishing new standards thanks to their innovative design and outstanding hydraulic capacity. With extraordinary specific throughput rates and small specific footprint the disc filters Boozer are well-adapted to the dewatering of great slurry flows. Their robustness and little maintenance requirement make them very popular at processing plants.

The disc filters Boozer are characterized by:

  • smallest pressure losses and up to 100% higher pressure difference at filter medium
  • up to 100% higher throughput in comparison to conventional disc filters
  • high filter speed of up to 6 rpm
  • 100% cake discharge
  • extremely high filtration area per floor space of up to 7.5 m²/m²
  • automated operation
  • simple maintenance
  • high flexibility
  • high filter availability

Boozer disc filters dispose of outstanding hydraulic capacity. The pressure losses are very low and the pressure difference at filter cloth is up to 100% higher then with conventional disc filters. This results in very high specific throughputs, a quick and unrestricted filtrate drainage and an efficient air blow back for a cake discharge without re-wetting by filtrate.

Even at high filter speed and thin cake height of only 4-5 mm the filter cake is totally discharged. The disc filters Boozer can therefore be satisfactorily operated at a filter speed of up to 6 rpm.


The disc filters Boozer are available with filter sizes of up to 184 m2 filtration area.

All components like filter segments, shaft, filtrate pipes, control head or filter trough are of most modern design, ensuring the excellent hydraulic capacity and the easy maintenance of these filters.

Filtrate Pipes and Shaft

The filtrate headers carry out the filtrate from the single sectors to the control head. They are especially characterised by:

  • well-sized trapezoidal cross-section of the single pipes
  • optimal assembly inside the shaft for non-abrasive products

Control Head

The disc filters Boozer have a high performance control head with pre-separation that:

  • reduces the pressure losses by early separation of the filtrate from the air
  • prevents the carryover of the filtrate into the dewatering zone, even at high filter speed

Filter Trough

Depending on its size, the disc filter Boozer consists of either a common trough or a „Joint-Single“ trough. Both designs have following advantages:

  • slurry homogenisation without agitator, i.e. without leaks, without maintenance, without power requirement and with high availability
  • equal slurry level at all discs, i.e. even cake thickness at all discs
  • automated operation with slurry level control, i.e. without permanent slurry overflow
  • 50% submergence of the discs, i.e. maximum cake forming zone
  • well-sized emergency overflow (100% of inlet can be managed)
  • well-sized drain valves for quick emptying of the trough


The air blow back is electronically controlled by snap blow valve that enables:

  • an exactly timed pulse, i.e. a complete cake discharge
  • blow back at low overpressure, i.e. longer cloth lifetime
  • complete discharge even of thin cakes (4-5 mm)

Cloth Cleaning

The online cloth wash system cares for a long cloth lifetime.

Filter Drive

The size of the filter drive is designed for each individual application that enables a reliable and safe filter operation, even at high speed (up to 6 rpm) and with heavy and thick cakes.

Automated Operation

According to the control philosophy of BOKELA, the disc filters Boozer are operated fully automatically. Two control loops care for a safe and reliable filter operation.

With extremely high throughput rates and small specific footprint, the disc filters Boozer are well-adapted to the filtration of great slurry flows. Main applications are the filtration of aluminium hydrate (seed filtration) in the processing of bauxite and the dewatering of fine coal in the coal processing.

The wide sizing range enables the operation of disc filters Boozer in the most varied applications like:

  • aluminium hydrate (fine, blend and coarse seed and product)
  • coal (ultra fines)
  • iron ore (prior to pelletising)
  • fluorite concentrate
  • chemical industry
  • food industry

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