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Disposable Residential Septic Pipe Vent Filter to Stop Septic Odor - Plumbing Roof Vent Filter



Offensive septic tank vent odors emanating from septic vents are produced by hydrogen sulfide gas. These are a normal by-product of residential septic tank vents and commercial drain pipes. Ordinarily, this odor would be carried away by normal airflow and wouldn't be noticed. If your house is positioned against a hill, or a tree line, these normal air patterns can be affected and force the foul odor downward onto your patio and into open windows. The Wolverine Brand Residential septic filter (WLV-4) is the perfect solution.

Stop septic odor with our patented Wolverine WLV-4 (Patent # US 8,273,162) septic filter. It eliminates septic vent odor utilizing a catalytic activated carbon, Sulfursorb Plus. Sulfursorb Plus costs more than standard carbons, and are used by some of our competitors only in their commercial models. These commercial models cost up to 3 times more than the Wolverine WLV-4.

The WLV-4 activated carbon filter comes standard for 1.5' to 4' inch ABS or PVC vent pipes. For cast-iron or copper pipes a no-hub adapter is also required. The WLV-4 easily mounts on top of existing rooftop or yard based septic tank vents to help control that nasty sewage odor. It installs in minutes with no tools required. All you need to do is measure, order and install. That's it! If your home or building contains multiple plumbing vents, you will need to purchase one Wolverine WLV-4 for each vent.

The Wolverine WLV-4 is IAPMO R&T Lab tested to ensure that you are purchasing the highest quality odor filter on the market. The design of the WLV-4 features our patented* cross flow design and perforated disk carbon containment system which helps to wick away moisture.

The WLV-4 is equipped with an easy access drain and fill cap for quick carbon change outs. The extended carbon chamber overhangs offer low profile with added rain intrusion protection. The WLV-4, like the rest of our product line, is built by professionals for the professional! What's more, we back it all up with a 120 Day Money back guarantee. the longest in the industry.

  • IAPMO R&T Lab Tested.
  • Injection molded filter housing that is Made in America
  • Factory produced under strict ISO9000 factory certification standards.
  • Perforated disc carbon containment system eliminating the need for carbon socks or cartridges
  • Patent pending, moisture wicking, Cross flow design for better moisture control resulting in extended carbon life
  • Convenient drain and fill port with snap-in cap for easy carbon replacement
  • Can be easily painted to match roof shingles or pipe color.
  • Utilizes GC-Sulfursorb Plus Catalytic activated carbon.
    • Longer life than GAC carbons that are typically used by the competition
    • Up to 5 times the carbon capacity of the competition.

Lasts up to 8 years (based on a flow rate of .5CFM at a 5ppm concentration of H2S.)

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