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Distilleries ZLD for Effluent Treatment



Thin slope, Bio- methanated spent wash effluents are the most common effluents of distilleries and agro- chemical industries. End colour has been the challenge. With its very high BOD, COD and TSS content, which requires an eloborate treatment for attaining dishargeable norms. Industries so far have been thriving on primary and secondary treatment. Soon the norms will eventually reach to Zero discharge. To cope up with the requirement. Canadian clear has evolved technologies to address the demand , we have end to end solutions consisting of volumetric BIO- fermenters , biological treatment with anaerobic, anoxic followed by methane gas extraction with lucrative payback periods. Our AOP - CPR systems are the only technology for bleaching and colour removal of distillery effluent. We offer anaerobic MBR, MBBR followed by AOP -CPR with tertiary recyling systems for ZLD (Zero discharge).

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