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Ditch Cleaner



The Bomford Ditch Cleaner head is both compact, powerful and capable of operating in wet or dry conditions. The Bomford Ditch cleaner can be turned through 90 degrees and used to clean existing roadside 'grips' and can be changed from left to right operation in minutes with a choice of blades or cutting teeth. The ditch cleaner head comprises of a 660mm diameter rotary cutting head, that is powered by a multi-stroking radial piston motor. Depending on requirements, two versions of the Bomford Ditch Cleaner are available. The Standard version requires an oil flow of 80-125 litres/minute and has a motor torque of 12.7kNm with a cutting head rotor speed of between 205-320 rpm. The High Speed version requires an oil flow of 80-100 litres/minute, and whilst the motor torque is lower at 6.5kNm, the cutting head rotor speed is far higher, at 400-500rpm, so providing a far greater throw of material.

Both the Standard and High Speed versions are available with the option of either manual or hydraulic adjustment of the chute angle and rotation angle. On manual versions, the Ditch Cleaner can be rotated through 360° in 45° steps, whilst the discharge chute has six different positions through a 50° arc. On the hydraulic version, whilst the head can again be rotated through 360° in 45° steps, the discharge chute has adjustment up to 70°.

The design of the Ditch Cleaner ensures that the hydraulic motor is fully protected from any damage, whilst the underside of the head is curved in order to ‘smear’ and so seal the bottom of the freshly cut ditch or ‘grip’ for quicker run-off.

Features Include: 

  • Left and Right Handed
  • Blade or Cutting Teeth Option
  • Suitable for wet and dry conditions

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