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The DL2e Data Logger is a versatile field data logger, well suited to remote site and laboratory applications. The DL2e system is easy to use and supports a wide choice of sensors, logging intervals, data collection and analysis facilities.

  • Battery powered, weatherproof, rugged and portable
  • Expandable by the user to meet changing needs
  • Easy programming with Ls2Win Software

The DL2e Data Logger comes complete with the Ls2Win PC software package. This sets up and controls the logger and also collects the stored data. Ls2Win is quick and easy to use and includes a time-saving library of sensor conversions.

Ls2Win greatly enhances the power of the DL2e Logger, helping the user to organise modem communications, automatic data collection, data graphing (with Excel) etc.


The DL2e is compatible with almost every type of sensor that gives an output in terms of DC voltage, resistance, count, frequency or status.

  • 15 - 60 analogue or counter inputs
  • 2 resident digital inputs and 2 output relays as standard

During programming, each channel can be set up for sensor type and range, conversion factor, logging frequency (1 second to 24 hours) and valid reading range. Logged data is stored in battery-backed RAM, with capacity for 128k readings.

  • Input connections:
    • 15 analog channels expandable to 30, 45,or 60
    • 2 counters
  • Control outputs: 2 relays (1A)
  • Readings stored: 128,000
  • Recording rate: 1 second to 24 hours
  • Configuration: Ls2Win
  • Communication options: RS232, USB [1]
  • Sensor excitation: 2 relay switched logger or external power
  • Power: 6 AA alkaline batteries or external power 7-15V
  • Battery life (dependent on usage): ~ 6 months
  • Enclosure rating: IP65
  • Temperature range: -20 to +60°C
  • Display: 2 line x 16 character
  • Size: 280 x 220 x 140mm
  • Typical applications: General data logging for moderate to complex systems

Sensor compatibility (maximum number of sensors that could be connected [2]

  • ML3: (30) with temp / (60) without temp
  • SM150T: (30) with temp / (60) without temp
  • PR2: (10 PR2/6) (15 PR2/4)
  • PR2 SDI-12
  • WET Sensor
  • EQ3: (30) with temp / (60) without temp
  • Temperature: (60)
  • Tensiometers: (60), requires TVB1s
  • Counters or Events: (2)
  • Relay Output: (2)

[1] With USB to RS232 Adapter Cable type USB-RS232
[2] With appropriate expansion cards and power supply arrangements

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