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Beijing Dynamic Power Co. Ltd.(DPC)

Model DMD 250 Series - Small Integrated Inverter System


This series products are specially designed for the communication base station and important load in data center to supply high-quality uninterrupted power for them .Adopt the latest independent parallel technologies and provide redundant backup function. They can be flexibly installed in the 19 inches communication cabinet to improve the system safety efficiently. They are also characterized with online hot plug-in, convenient and quick maintenance and capacity easy for expansion which the general communication UPS do not have. They consist of monitoring module, inverting module and a 19” 3U cabinet. Max. 4 inverting modules and 1 monitoring module can be installed in one set of small system.

System Characteristics

  • Unique and developed digital-controlled circuit. Output high-quality sine wave with any load
  • Real independent parallel technology, which improves system reliability
  • Inverting module can be equipped with hot plug-in, which is easy for online maintenance
  • Adopt low-difference and even current technology, the uneven degree of the parallel current is less than 5%.
  • Realize the electrical isolation between DC input and AC output, and keep the system safety.
  • Function of direct starting by mains, supply power to load through bypass when no DC input. Cut off the DC power during operating, machine will shift to bypass automatically and supply power to load normally, which is easy to maintain and replace the battery.
  • Function of intelligent unattended operation .The power will re-start automatically after the DC voltage and mains return to normal caused by over-voltage, low-voltage and main failure, especially for unattended communication base station.
  • Perfect protections against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-heat, over-current and short-circuit, modules can be protected under abnormal conditions.
  • Distinctive anti-reverse connection of DC input and input buffer protection.
  • High-frequency design, high efficiency (Max. frequency >90%)
  • Optional operation status (Mains or inversion priority).
  • Backup design, transfer time is less than 5ms under inversion priority working mode to make sure no power off.
  • Tight structure design, smaller size and lighter weight: 19”×2U.
  • Excellent EMC characteristics.
  • All status are displayed on LED/LCD and equipped with operation status analog disk and provide perfect man-machine operation interface.
  • Provide standard RS232/RS485 communication interface, support real-time data communication function, monitor and mange on the operation status of inverting power supply through monitoring software

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