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Model DN40-600 - Rising Stem Gate Valve


Firefighting OS&Y Gate Valve is mainly used in fire-fighting system, with red color. People can Recognize Gate Valve is open or closed condition through the Rising Stem in a far distance.

  1. Body/Bonnet: GGG40/50
  2. Stem: SS420/431
  3. Bolts/Nuts: SS304
  4. Wedge: GGG40/50 + EPDM Coating
  5. Epoxy Resin coating internal & external, thickness above 300 micron
  6. Flange or Socket Or Groove Ended
  7. Work pressure: PN10/16; Size range: 1', 1 1/2', 2' to 24'
  8. Design Standard: DIN F4/F5, BS5163, AS2638.2
  9. Operate: Handwheel

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