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- Model 100kg -200kg - Copper wire recycling machine prices


For most recyclers, copper/aluminum wire is only one part of their scrap and controlling production cost is also an important thing, so we push out this copper wire stripper machine.Copper wire recycling machine prices is specially designed for small-scale wire recycling. With low cost, simplified structure, good operating experience and easy maintenance, -High Recycling purity Air table system with vibrating make the recycling purity of this copper wire separator reach 99.9% at least. -Accurate Market Positioning Its processing activity is 80-100 kg/h, very suitable for homemade business and cable factory. -Pleasant Working Environment Contact: Ms Bonnie Phone: +86-371-5677 1821 +86 15893800169 Skype: bonniezhao2 Email: market@doinggroup.com www.copperwirerecyclingmachinery.com

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