Double Bar Mower


Mowing needs change from one field to the next and one person’s convenience may be another person’s problem. With this in mind, ROWSE improved and expanded their line of Mowers. It includes Hydraulic-Driven Double-Bar Mowers, PTO Drive Double-Bar Mowers, both with your choice of Pitmanless or Balanced Mower Heads, and PTO Drive Single-Mowers, either 3-point Mounted or Trailing. Whether your acreages are small and crops light or acreages huge and crops heavy, ROWSE has a Mower built for you!


When you choose the IHC* type Balanced Mower Head and Sickle Bar components you have selected a Balanced Head designed with just three moving parts, riding on six precision tapered roller bearings. No pitmans, gears or connecting rods to cause problems. The Balanced Head converts speed and power to fast, powerful knife strokes.

The sickles run at 2000 strokes per minute for fast, efficient cutting action and faster travel through the field. Sickels stay sharp longer, too!

The Balanced design keeps knife sections in register, parallel and exposed for sharp, even cutting over rough ground.

Bars may be raised hydraulically to a vertical position for easy inspection and transporting or lowered to below ground level 20° for even cutting along ditch banks or terraces.

Both heavy duty sickle bars are protected by an automatic Safety Release. If an obstruction is hit, the Mower bar breaks away, reducing the chance of machine damage. Then simply back up the Mower and the bar automatically relatches. Breakaway tension is adjustable for different field conditions.

Choice of Swath Boards or Swath Rods are available and adjust quickly for varying crops and conditions to assure separation of cut and uncut crop.


If you prefer, your ROWSE Mower may be equipment with the NH** type Pitmanless Mower Head and Sickle Bar.

The Pitmanless design with parallel drive motion reduces noise, vibration and eliminates any sickle register adjustment. The design also reduces wear on knife assembly and hold-down clips for trouble-free operation.

Tapered roller bearings are throughout the Pitmanless Drive Head for durability and less maintenance.

The sickles run at 1600 strokes per minute with long strokes between guards to allow more of the crop to be cut in one stroke while the knife remains at top shearing speed.

Bars raise to vertical position hydraulically for easy transporting and inspecting. For cutting along ditch banks or terraces, the sickles may be lowered 20° below level. Both bars are protected by an automatic Safety Release and relatch quickly when mower is backed up. See vertical lift assembly below.


he Vertical Lift Assembly (shown left), is a standard feature on all ROWSE mowers, allowing the cutter bar to be operated with a knife running at most any angle (as seen in the picture at right). This allows the operator to hydraulically lower or raise the cutter bar for mowing ditches or hills.

The bar may also be raise to a vertical position while passing posts, trees or other obstructions, without stopping to disengage the PTO drive. Care should be given however, that raised bar does not hit or hook obstructions.

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