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The success of dredging operation depends on type and quality of delivery pipes and floaters that support the discharge line. Dragflow provides two different types pipes: Delivery flexible pipes: delivery flexible pipes, they are subjected to higher abrasion, but guarantee the most handling versatility during dredging operations. Delivery surface pipes: the delivery surface pipes transport the material to the discharge place. Dragflow offers both options according to customer-s needs and preferences.

Flexible Dredging Hoses

Softwall hose for the delivery of sand and gravel mixed with water, used as a flexible connection between sections of discharge pipe in dredging service. Possible to make with enlarged ends or with built-in rubber protected flanges.

Tube: black, smooth, SBR/NR rubber, resists abrasion and lacerations.
Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord divided by layers of natural rubber which help maintaining the section and the flexibility.
Cover: black, smooth (wrapped finish), CR rubber, resistant to sea water, weathering and abrasion.
Temperature: from -40°C (-40°F) to +70°C (+158°F).
Length: On demand
Production: Made in Italy

Polyethylene Dredging Hoses

Tube: hoses in High Density Polyethylene compliant with norm EN12201.  Bars with steel rotating flanges  UniEn 1092 PN10. Kit of screws and bolts for fixing.
Length: On demand
Production: Made in Italy

Chemical Industry

  • Waste sludge handling
  • Tank clean out
  • Waste collection ponds
  • Barge unloading
  • Pumping low or high pH sludge

Civil Emergencies

  • Clean out underground rooms and tunnes
  • First intervention in environmental disasters (flooding)
  • Dredging sludge and mud deposits
  • Environmental dredging
  • Contaminated sediments dredging
  • Polluted sediments dredging

Construction Industry

  • Trench clean and back-fill in pipe/cable laying project
  • Pumping bentonite slurry during foundation
  • Clean out caissons in construction
  • Overburder remuval
  • Silt from gravel washing
  • Pumping sand and gravel
  • Environmental dredging
  • Off-Shore dredging

Foundry and Steel Industry

  • Mill scale pits
  • Coke plant scale pit
  • Blast furnace slag pit
  • Water treatment sump
  • Clean up sumps
  • Steel industry

Harbors and Maritime Works

  • Removal of silt/sand in marinas
  • Cleaning and maintenance of harbors
  • Reclaiming beaches
  • River, channel, lake dredging
  • Dam maintenance
  • Contaminated sediments removal
  • Harbor dredging
  • Off-shore and high depth dredging

Marble Industry

  • Transfer marble tailings in murble cutting plants

Mining Industry

  • Mine tailings dredging
  • Gold tailing reclamation
  • Iron ore tailing reclamation
  • Ball mill sumps
  • Settling and collection ponds dredging
  • Underdround slimes collection ponds
  • Conveyor tunnel sumps
  • Coal tailing reclamation
  • Open pit slimes removal
  • Crusher sumps
  • Grinding area sumps
  • Flotation area
  • Track wash sumps
  • Removal of material from thickener
  • Oil Sands tailings managements
  • Environmental dredging

Oil and Coke Industry

  • Coke conveyor spillage sumps
  • Crude oil tank clean out
  • Sludge transfer
  • Settling/Collection pits
  • Tailings dredging
  • Pumping bitumen
  • Drilling mud barge unloading
  • Off-shore platform
  • Oil Sand tailings management

Paper Industry

  • Waste collection pit
  • Ash sumps
  • Dredging waste ponds
  • Bark collection pit
  • Clean up sumps

Transfer Sand and Gravel

  • Deep sea dredging operation (up to 150 m deep)
  • High depth dredging
  • Sand extraction
  • Ocean sand mining
  • Pumping sand and gravel (up to 120mm)
  • Environmental dredging
  • Contaminated sediments dredging

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