Dragflow S.r.l.

- Model DRT Series - Dredges With Telescopic Boom



The dredge equipped with a telescopic boom guarantees precision and control. It can be used in operations in which the maintenance of a precise dredging depth is  predetermined. in combination with a powerful monitoring system, allows 'surgical' operations. Perfect examples could be a trade harbours where it is essential to remove a precise polluted layer of the sea floor that will be treated with draining systems. A normal dredging could involve an excessive quantity of drain material to be treated, resulting in increase of costs and additional load to  the sludge treatment plant.


  • Electric motor
  • Diesel

Dredge pump power

  • hy35/hy50/hy85(hc)(160) with excavators/jet-ring
  • hy300/hy400 with excavators/jet-ring


  • Full-optional: dredge complete of soundproof canopy and operator cabin with air conditioning and controls
  • Basic: dredge with power pack protected by plastic roll up canvas anti-bad weather and controls on the side of power-pack


  • Discharge distance: up to 1000/1200 m
  • Capacity: up to 1200 m3/h
  • Solid passage: up to 120 mm
  • Depth: up to 20 m

Harbors and Maritime Works

  • Removal of silt/sand in marinas
  • Cleaning and maintenance of harbors
  • Reclaiming beaches
  • River, channel, lake dredging
  • Dam maintenance
  • Contaminated sediments removal
  • Harbor dredging
  • Off-shore and high depth dredging

Mining Industry

  • Mine tailings dredging
  • Gold tailing reclamation
  • Iron ore tailing reclamation
  • Ball mill sumps
  • Settling and collection ponds dredging
  • Underdround slimes collection ponds
  • Conveyor tunnel sumps
  • Coal tailing reclamation
  • Open pit slimes removal
  • Crusher sumps
  • Grinding area sumps
  • Flotation area
  • Track wash sumps
  • Removal of material from thickener
  • Oil Sands tailings managements
  • Environmental dredging

Transfer Sand and Gravel

  • Deep sea dredging operation (up to 150 m deep)
  • High depth dredging
  • Sand extraction
  • Ocean sand mining
  • Pumping sand and gravel (up to 120mm)
  • Environmental dredging
  • Contaminated sediments dredging

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