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- Subsurface Conveyance & Greenroof Drainage Layer


Draincore2 geocomposite drainage and conveyance layer is used for advanced subsurface and greenroof applications. A replacement for antiquated French drains. Draincore2 is a high volume drainage layer capable of withstanding heavy loads in direct contact.

The highly efficient and easy to install Driancore2 system can be installed in Sports Fields, foundation drainage, “green” vegetative roofs, pet areas, and more. Draincore2 can move more than twice the volume of water versus pipe, at a third the installation time.

  • Flow Rate = 42 gpm per foot width,
  • Flexible Grid
  • 92% Void for Air or Water
  • Provides Insulating Air Layer
  • Heating or Cooling systems
  • High Compression Strength - 2100 psi
  • Durable HDPE plastic



This drainage core is wrapped in a geotextile fabric, which allows water to enter from any direction, with the rings placed vertically or horizontally. Water can flow between rings in either vertical or lateral directions simultaneously. Flow volumes can be matched with multiple layer configurations Draincore2 can distribute water at 42 gallons per minute per foot width, twice the conveyance rate of a pipe and gravel system.

Draincore2 is listed in the Construction Specifiers Master Spec Format in section 33 46 23.19 Geosynthetic Drainage Layer and section You may also place it in the 1995 Master Format Version in section 02622 Underdrain.

Manufactured in 1 square meter units (3.3′ x 3.3′) or quarter-meter units (1.65 feet x 1.65 feet) and assembled into rolls. Please view our Roll Chartfor dimensions.

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