- Alarm Calls and Remote Control Unit



Direct access from telephone to control units, supervising units and alarm-unit. Inquiries are done by pressing a few keys and a reply is given in clear speech. Supervises other units through network and undertakes alarm calls. At defined events it carries out calls to 4 telephone numbers. Repeating same or next number up to 10 times each. Simple change to the telephone number to which the first call is made. Calls received by Personal Pager shows message on display indicating what triggered the alarm. Operation are confirmed in clear speech.

The Speech Processor can talk

  • More than 200 words recorded from factory.
  • Function for pronunciation of numbers.
  • Up to 7 words can be recorded by the user.
  • Words and numbers are numbered and can be used for making your own sentences describing what event has happened.
  • Standard set-up from the factory is fully operationel.
  • Settings are confirmed in clear speech. For example the telephone numbers are repeated after entering.
    And you can always ask for data entered.


The Speech Processor is able to supervise everything from one single input upto a large network installation. A unique feature is that the Speech Processor checks each connected unit by means of a communication cord. The installation is:

  • simple: All stations are arranged in parallel on the line.
  • safe: If one unit stops answering an alarm call is made.

Alarm Calls

  • Calls 4 telephone numbers up to 10 times.
  • Calls can be confirmed so that no further calls are made. After confirmation the talking computer informs what caused the alarm.
  • Calls can be repeated to the same number before proceeding to the next number; - the person could be absent for a moment but might be present at the next call.
  • When calling a Personal Pager there will be a pause, for example 5 minutes, before the next call is made. This allows you to go to a telephone and call back to confirm receipt.
  • It is easy to change the number to which the first call is made, which is an advantage in places where different people are on duty.

Operation through Telephone

The Speech Processor can also be used as a connecting link between the telephone and units connected to the communication network. From the telephone you can make operations as if you were next to the unit. For example ask for temperatures, toggle alarm monitoring between active and idle mode, set the desired values and alarm limits. You can also switch instruments and machines on and off.

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