Drema Waterbehandeling B.V.

- Model EWS 0,5 & 20 - Evaporators


When seawater is boiled in a vacuum chamber, vapour can be produced at temperatures as low as 40°C. It is this principle of low temperature/low pressure distillation, which is applied in the evaporator for the production of fresh water from seawater. It utilizes a source of low-grade heat, mostly waste heat from diesel engines, to produce the vapour.


In the evaporator a controlled amount of seawater is supplied as feed water, to the bottom of the heat exchanger. Here the seawater is heated in a vacuum and evaporated. The remaining non-evaporated seawater is discharged continuously in order to control the brine density. The evaporator uses the rejected heat from the fresh water-cooling system of the ship's engines. This hot jacket water, which may reach a temperature between 75°C and 90°C, is passed outside the tubes of the heat exchanger.

Depending on the amount of cooling water, as it passes through, the temperature will drop between 3°C and 14°C, before returning to the ship's system.

The evaporators, marketed under the EWS banner, are compact, suitable for bulkhead or stand-alone installations. Combined with a UV sterilizer, the quality of the fresh drinking water produced, meets the high standards set by of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The stainless steel EWS evaporators are standard provided with:

  • Ejector pump
  • Fresh water pump
  • Salinity indicator
  • Internal piping
  • Gauges
  • Thermometers
  • Ejectors
  • Colour of your choice without extra costs (standard colour light blue)
  • Electric panel, motor starters and wiring

  • Low use of chemicals
  • No demister needed
  • Unaffected roll and pitch
  • No coating (RVS 316L body evaporator chamber)
  • Low maintenance costs

  • Steam injector
  • UV disinfection unit
  • Silver ions disinfection unit
  • Neutralising filter
  • Extra connection for heater
  • Thermal oil connection

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