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- Rainwater Accumulation and Draining System and Disposal of Wastewater



Percolation purification also known as sub-irrigation is one of the most used and ancient systems. Its operation is based on wastewater regular distribution from top to bottom over a so called 'percolation bed' made of many layers of draining material (stones, plastic materials, ecc.) that permits the reproduction of the same microobiological enviroment that can already be found in nature.

The Advantages

  • High filtration, accumulation and drainage capability
  • It allows water management on-site
  • Pedestrian and vehicular even during the place


  • Drainage and phytoremediation
  • Drainage of road infrastructures
  • Geohouse system
  • Household use
  • Industrial areas
  • Irrigation of public parks
  • Parking lots drainage
  • Residential buildings
  • Road works
  • Service stations
  • Water disposal in industrial areas
  • Water drainage in the divisions

The DRENING system is exactly arranged to create underground retention ponds used for “in-situ” rainwater management: a valid element to install high capability dispersion and accumulation chambers.  

This system can be used also for sewage disposal from settlements, which are not connected to the sewer system, and this is the ideal solution to deal with rainwater in car parks as it significantly reduces the water volume in the drainage system. Therefore, this subsurface irrigation system facilitates the infiltration in the soil preventing floods.

DRENING is easy and fast to install and its modular structure adapts to every available surface and guarantees minimally invasive interventions. Moreover, thanks to its high resistance, it can be installed in high traffic areas.

Our system main advantages are:

LIGHTWEIGHT: DRENING weight just 11 kg and can be moved manually without the need of mechanical devices.

FAST: Its lightweight and easy installation allow a fast and safe creation of the basin

RESISTANT: the arch structure of DRENING produce high mechanical resistance, which allows to place it also under high traffic areas

DRAINING: its high dispersion surface guarantees the fast and efficient disposal of the collected water

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