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- Water Soluble Cleaner Powder



This white powdered, water-soluble, cleaner is designed for use in aqueous degreaser operations. This product is suitable for all metals including aluminum and its alloys. It is specially formulated for high temperature (140-180°F) operations and will produce little or no foam in degreasing machines. Normal dosage is 2-4 ounces per gallon of water. 50-pound and 100-pound fiber drums.

A yellow, powdered cleaner and degreaser for concrete floors. Removes heavy grease, dirt and oil from garage, factory and food plant floors. Contains pine oil, but no caustic. Turns green when wet so you can see it work. Wet floor; sprinkle FORMULA 800; keep wetted for 10-15 minutes, then; scrub with brush and wash off. USDA - C2. 50-pound and 450-pound kegs.

This cleaner/phosphatizer is suitable for high temperature aqueous degreasing operations including pressure washers. This liquid formulation is designed for cleaning and phosphatizing ferrous metals prior to painting or coating. Normally recommended dosage is 2-4 ounces per gallon of water depending on application. Recommended temperature ranges from 140-160°F. Bulk.

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