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Drilling Cuttings Transfer Unit



Drilling cuttings transfer unit is composed of a conical drill cuttings receiving hopper and a drill cuttings transfer pump and electric control system. The unit can receive the drilling waste picked up by screw conveyer from the solid control equipment of the rig. The drill cuttings transfer pump is driven by electric motor to create vacuum to suck drilling waste from the hopper bottom outlet and feed to high G drying shaker or vertical cuttings dryer. The pump is self-suction pump, and specially used for conveying high - viscosity, high - solid content medium. More over the advantage of pump also include no seal structure, and high output pressure.

3 Models are available for different capacity

  • GNHP15A-075M capacity:15m³/h
  • GNHP20A-075M capacity:20m³/h
  • GNHP25A-110M capacity:25m³/h

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