- Drilling Detergent/Wetting Agent



DRILL-TERGE is a liquid solution of nonionic surfactants formulated to increase detergency and wetting properties of drilling fluids.

Designed to control interfacial tension and inhibit the hydration and dispersion of clay and shale.

  • Assists in keeping the drill bit clean and prevents bit balling
  • Designed to work in fresh or saltwater
  • Mixes very easily
  • Promotes settling of clays at the reserve pit/tank
  • Reduces torque and drag associated with drilling in swelling clays

Add 2-3 quarts (6-9 liters) of DRILL-TERGE per 100 gallons (per 1.1 m3) of existing bentonite drilling fluid.

  • 45 lb (20.25 kg) pail, 36 per pallet, or 495 lb (224.5 kg) drum, 4 per pallet. All pallets are plastic-wrapped.

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