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- Model 5300 - Climate Guard Systems



DriscoPlex 5300 Series Climate Guard® high-density polyethylene pipe and fittings are a quality piping system for closed-loop, earth-coupled heat pump applications. DriscoPlex® 5300 Series Climate Guard® pipe and fittings are the system of choice for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial installations. Performance Pipe offers a complete system of DriscoPlex® 5300 pressure-rated pipe and fittings that meet applicable IGSHPA and ASTM specifications and requirements.

Economical - Easy to join, lightweight and flexible to help reduce construction and installation costs.

Tough and Durable - Excellent impact and abrasion resistance. Pressure ratings based on long-term tests. Exceptional resistance to slow crack growth and environmental stress cracking.

Ductile and Flexible - Flexible DriscoPlex® 5300 Climate Guard® Series pipe follows the 'lay of the land' to ease trench and down hole installation.

Resistant to Chemicals and Corrosion - Excellent resistance to most chemical compounds and aggressive soils.

Thermally Conductive - DriscoPlex® 5300 Climate Guard® pipe offers high strength PE 4710 to minimize pipe wall thickness and maximize heat transfer.

Leak-Tight Joining - Long, continuous coils or straight lengths reduce joining requirements. Properly made heat fusion joints are as strong as the pipe itself and do not leak.

Excellent Hydraulics - DriscoPlex® 5300 Climate Guard® pipe offers high volume flows with low flow resistance. The hydraulically smooth, non-wetting surface provides excellent flow properties. A Hazen-Williams C-factor of l50-155 is typically used to estimate flow resistance.  DriscoPlex® 5300 Climate Guard® pipe does not rust, rot, corrode, tuberculate or support biological growth.

Sequential Footage Markings on coils to assist with proper depth setting in borehole installations.

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