Trans Environmental Systems, Inc. (TESI)

Trans Environmental Systems, Inc. (TESI)

Drive-Over Track Spill Containment Pans


Make your loading rack work for loading or unloading of both tanker trucks and rail tank cars! Unique, reinforced railroad track collector pan now supports tank truck driver-over and loading. Avoid the expense of setting up two independent loading-unloading operations. Utilize the same OSHA stairway, gang plank, personnel fall prevention harness, loading arms and pumps for both operations.

Trans Environmental Systems introduces its Drive-Over series of railroad track spill collection pans. These tough, steel collector pans cover and area 12 ft wide by 20 ft long. Designs for either lift-off lids or for permanently open installation. Each pan is factory equipped with hub drainage outlets for pass-through of collected rainwater or the release per EPA SPCC guidelines. These units just lagbolt down to the extended railroad ties and can be relocated if plant operations change over the years. Avoid pouring an expensive concrete collector pad for tanker trucks that cannot be relocated. Utilize your existing piping manifolds and pumping systems for loading either tanker trucks or railroad cars.

Unique lift-out support matrixes allow for easy shoveling out of sediment or flushing out with a pressure washer. This residue can be piped to a secondary process operation or removd with a shop-vac.
The Drive-Over series involves two different track pan models: One center pan for between the rails and two of the outboard side pans. The open pan units snug up under the head of the railroad rails and are reinforced to support the weight of tanker trucks driving over the pans’s bargrate tops. The design with the closeable lids is similar and by closing the lids between transloading operations, you avoid the cost of processing a lot of tainted rainwater and sludge.
These units can be placed end to end to create collector pans of any length. These rail collector pans can actually hold some 100 gallons of the liquid release and the drainage system is easy to install. With the end drainage hubs, you avoid the hazard of irrigating debris into your under-track drainage piping.

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