- Alarm Units



Alarm supervision. 8 digital input channels. Activation of 4 output channels. Expandable. More units operates in network. Also available with integrated Speech Processor Dr.Bell. Pause function with automatic restarting after 60 min. Easy and clear operation


8 inputs can be controlled individually. An open circuit will cause alarm condition. 85-235 is OK-condition. A cable with a short-circuit can be detected and give an individual alarm message.


There are 4 outlets which can be used for switching instruments and machines on and off. Operation is done on the keyboard - or remote control can be carried out through telephone.

Easy Operation

You can activate supervision on each individual input by pressing the key for the input in question, 1-8. A red light indicates the status of each input.

Pause Function

Push the PAUSE-button and supervision will be paused for 60 minutes.

  • This will give you a break to work with a problem.
  • You don't have to remember to activate supervision again.

Speech Processor

An optional Speech Processor Dr.Bell can tell you about the actual condition. Also it makes alarm calls to 4 telephone numbers and provide you with the possibillyty of remote control through a telephone.

  • Settings are confirmed in clear speech.
  • Alarm conditions can be described in proper words.
  • Operation through telephone is possible.

Expansion Possibilities

More units can operate in a network. It can be expanded by more Alarm-units, a temperature control unit, units for measuring oxygen and pH etc.
By means of the Speech Processor Dr.Bell all units can be remote controlled through telephone.

  • Supervision idle Out
  • Supervision active On
  • Alarm condition Flashing

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