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From unmanned balloons in Venice in the 1800’s to high tech aircraft looking for fawns in modern times; the history and development of drones and their applications are fascinating. At Clear Flight Solutions we have a small fleet of customizable multicopter drones, which we use for inspections and ecological assessments.

Because each project is unique, we will pick the drone that fits your needs best and customize it if necessary. For an industrial inspection we will focus on fitting a drone with the best camera’s (HD, infrared or multispectral) to obtain the best results. But if we are doing an ecological assessment and are looking for nest areas of wader birds, we will focus on using quiet drones so the birds will not be disturbed.

With the help of our partners we are not only able to come up with custom hardware solutions, it is also possible to connect the drones to software that suits your needs. From spreadsheets filled with coordinates to more complicated automated reports, the possibilities are limitless.

Experiments and innovations

Not only do our pilots fly the drones, the pilots and the technical team customize them themselves in our laboratory. We keep up with the latest technologies and developments as well as conducting our own experiments. This way we can guarantee that our solution to your problem is the best solution.

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