Dropside Tag-a-Long Trailer



Overbilt Trailer Company consistently maintains a premier position in the manufacturing of custom heavy equipment trailers. We provide excellence in quality of design, workmanship, and customer service worldwide and are committed to forging strong bonds with all who support these same goals. Overbilt Trailer Company has remained an industry leader for 19 years… providing heavy equipment trailers to transport a variety of equipment.

Our product line encompasses not only the most basic of transport needs, but also specialized trailers which are very often coupled with some of the most advanced construction heavy equipment available… like the Dropside Tag A Long Trailer shown here. We also provide trailers that serve as a mobile platform for processing and custom industrial equipment for a broad spectrum of industries. From oil and gas to mobile electric power generation, Overbilt Trailer Company can help you with your mobile design needs. Overbilt Trailer Company specializes in manufacturing custom built trailers for all your needs. We have standard models as well as industry specific designs.

Standard Equipment

  • Dual Wheel Axle Assembly
  • 2-Two Speed Landing Gear With Foot Pad
  • 30-Ton Towing Ring
  • Lights: 4 Turn, 4 Running, Clearance, Rear Marker & Tag.
  • Factory Installed, Sealed, Vapor proof.
  • Heavy Duty Wire With Commercial Connectors
  • 2 Safety Chains With Hooks
  • 2″ Oak Plank Flooring
  • Side Pockets With 1/2″ x 2″ Steel Rub Rail
  • Lights: 4 Turn, 4 Running, Clearance, Rear Marker & Tag.
  • • Factory Installed, Sealed, Vapor proof
  • Heavy Duty Wire With Commercial Connectors
  • Beaver Tails: Self Cleaning, 4’/5′ Long with Folding, Adjustable and Removable Ramps

Load Rating & Weights
Miscellaneous Optional Equipment

  • Spare Tire, Wheel And Locking Mounting Bracket
  • Matching Colors
  • Michelin Tires (Steel Radials)
  • Locking Tool box
  • LED Lights

Overall Length 20′ to 60′
Overall Width 101-1/2″
Platform Height 35″
Road Clearance 14″

  • Platform Carrying Capacity. . . . . . . 15 Ton
  • or Platform Carrying Capacity. . . . . . . 20 Ton

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