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The HJORTKAER plastic drum washers provide efficient washing and handling of both plastic drums and buckets in many sizes and for many purposes. Our HM320 model is a universal and powerful machine, easy to use and ideal for cleaning of plastic drums and buckets with a minimum of mechanical adjustment between sizes. This machine effectively handles washof cylindrical containers from 10 to 220 liters. Inserting the containers is easy through a high-speed tarpaulin door. Several programmable washing programs can be chosen via the operator control box, placed directly beside the door.

If simultaneous wash of lids is required, the machine can be expanded with a lid washer, placed on the side of the machine, which follows the washing machine cycle.
In case of large amounts of dirt in the wash water, an automatic discharge valve can be mounted on the tank, releasing a certain amount of water to the drain with a fixed time or wash cycle interval.

The machine has a very compact design and can be placed anywhere, even in multi-storey buildings.

For washing of a larger number of items or to be placed in a production line, we offer throughput machines, builtwith both full insulation in the tank and wash section and with the option of integrated water treatmentequipment. Separation solutions for both solids and oil/grease can be integrated.

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The S164 throughput washer for 60-100 liter plastic drums and the possibility ofwashing of 240 liter waste bins.

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