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- Model FV-1 - Waste Water Samplers



All standard Model FV-1 samplers include the following : watertight, lockable carrying case, one gallon polyethylene container, one 15 ft. standard 3/16'ID pickup hose with strainer, 5 AH rechargeable battery and battery charger.

  • Size: 20 11/16'H x 17 3/16'W x 8 9/16'D
  • Weight: 19lbs
  • Operating Temperature: 0-70 C
  • Enclosure: Watertight PVC, UV protected
  • Power Required: 12VDC
  • Sample Pump: 12VDC vacuum type
  • Timing Control: Dial type switch allowing from or 12-hour cycles.
  • Composite: 90 ml per cycle
  • Bottle: One gallon polyethylene with automatic float switch mounted in cap
  • Maximum lift: 20 feet
  • Sample hose: 15 ft. polyvinyl 3/16' ID flexible tubing with removable stainless steel weighted intake strainer.
  • Battery: Rechargeable 12VDC 5 AH Gel Cell
  • Battery life: The battery will power the FV-1 for up to twelve sampling events or three months before recharging in necessary. Recharging takes twelve hours.
  • Battery condition meter: Allows operator to see battery voltage level.

  • Case colors: Black, gray, orange, yellow
  • Additional 3/16' ID tubing lengths available
  • Power converter, 115VAC/12VDC
  • Timing plug (modifies timing cycle)

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