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Indachem Inc.

Dry Polymer Systems


IPM Systems offers dry polymer feed systems ranging from low to high capacity. Dry polymer systems are an engineered product requiring a thorough understanding of application requirements and customer expectations. Each IPM Systems Dry Polymer system design is carefully reviewed based on polymer dosage requirements, dry polymer storage requirements, available utilities, height restrictions in existing buildings, desired electrical outputs to plant control systems to mention but a few of the variables affecting design.

Medium to high capacity dry polymer systems are available with state of the art motorized wetting systems or more traditional pneumatically conveyed systems depending on application requirements and customer preference.

Motorized wetting systems utilize gravity to convey dry polymer to the wetting system, reducing the likelihood of polymer dust that can be expelled into the atmosphere from pneumatically conveyed systems.

Dry polymer handling methods include hoppers of different sizes for 50 lb bags or bulk bag frames with motorized to travel hoist and trolley for 1,000 to 2,000 lb. bulk bags.

Mix tanks are available in stainless steel or FRP with low speed, low shear mixers in stacked or side-by-side configuration depending on the capacity required.

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