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The Norchem Powdercat combines high-impact mixing with high-velocity hydraulic processing to deliver the very highest quality of aqueous dispersions. Whether you use granular, flake, bead, super-fine dry polymer powder, or optional liquid polymer, the Powdercat's multi-stage processing module provides maximum particle separation and wetting to produce the highest quality polymer solution in the shortest possible time. The Powdercat's true three dimensional system of wetting dry polymer particles means consistent solution quality, greater operating efficiencies, higher process performance, and significantly lower costs.


  • Prepares 10 to 4000 lbs/day of dry polymer or 12,000 lbs/day of dry additive product
  • Wets, disperses and delivers precise concentrations of 0.1 to 5.0%, weight-on-weight or higher
  • Processes all dry powders from 40-400 mesh at wetting rates from 0.1 to 30 lbs/minute
  • Mix tank fill rates from 30 to 300 gallons/minute
  • Delivers 3 to 20 times more dry polymer than comparable systems
  • Eliminates difficult dispersion problems through high-energy particle separation and wetting
  • Induced air scrubbing controls and suppresses dust
  • Compatible with all commercially available dry polymer products
  • Eliminates wetting interface buildup
  • Eliminates the need for air blowers, dry air purge systems, special transport devices, dust collection systems, and other suppression handling equipment
  • Easily scaleable for expanding demands

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