Dryer Master Inc.

Dryer Master Inc.

- Real-Time In-Line Moisture Sensors

Dryer Master has provided industrial processing with reliable and accurate moisture analysis for more than 30 years. Dryer Master moisture sensors are robust and field proven capacitance devices that respond to the total bulk moisture within the product and are already in use in a few thousand installations worldwide.

Our moisture sensors have a wide range of suitable applications including RTE cereals, pet food, coffee, instant rice, detergents, dried cheese, cellulose acetate, corn-based products, soy meal, distillate by-products, protein meals, flour and whole grains. Intrinsically safe and explosion proof models are also available by request.

The sensors provide real time accurate and reliable moisture measurement. Installation is generally quite straightforward, as is maintenance and calibration. When compared to alternate technologies Dryer Master sensors can be a very cost effective alternative. As a result, it may be attractive to install the sensors in locations where it may have not been economical to do so in the past.

Dryer Master moisture sensors are available for OEM applications. If you feel that you want to develop your own PLC based control application and are in need of a robust and reliable moisture sensor we can most certainly assist you.

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