- MB Bioremediation


Bioremediation is a critical component in keeping our planet safe from hydrocarbon-based contamination. ioremediation agents have been defined by the EPA as “microbiological cultures, enzyme additives, or nutrient additives that significantly increase the rate of biodegradation to mitigate the effects of the [oil] discharge.” Remediating hydrocarbon-contaminated sites is an ongoing challenge across the globe in land and water-based environments. Oil spills, drilling, pipelines, and transportation can contaminate both land and water environments.

As companies and government agencies are challenged to provide remediation solutions, the DryLet MB Bioremediation product provides billions of live non-genetically modified microorganisms for remediating:

  • Oil
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Grease
  • Any other hydrocarbon-based contamination

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