DTK Water (droptestkits)

DTK Water (droptestkits)

- Non Oxidising Biocide Test Kits



Measuring non oxidising biocides is crucial in ensuring that the biocide in use is not over or under dosed and these kits are ideal for this application. Each of our non-oxidising biocide test kits is supplied ready to use. Each kit contains all the necessary reagents to carry out between 50 and 100 tests and uses either a colour card, comparator or drop count to determine the reserve. These test kits can be used to determine the level of biocides in Open & Closed water systems and can be used when dosing biocides to systems recently pre-commissioned cleaned.

  • Ideal for mobile treatment engineers
  • Compact & portable design
  • Easy to follow waterproof instructions
  • Clear product labelling
  • Parameters available:
    • Isothiazolone (0 - 7.5ppm)
    • THPS (0 - 20ppm)
    • DBNPA (0 - 6.8ppm)

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