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Dual Chute Systems



VIKING Evacuation Dual Chute is our most advanced evacuation system. It has the highest approved capacity and is ideal for great cruise ships. It provides fast and easy evacuation and takes up a rather small space when stored on board.

The evacuation dual chute, or VEDC, is VIKING’s highest capacity chute system to date and is combined with 150 person high capacity liferafts for safe, rapid evacuation from large passenger carrying vessels.

This unique design combines the highest evacuation capacity with discreet, compact and self-contained design for maximum safety and relatively little deck disruption.

Largest capacity chute system available
The unique dual system is constructed from two conjoined chutes. The fully enclosed chute lined with DuPont™ Kevlar® protects evacuees from environmental hazards, such as severe weather conditions, during descent directly into high capacity liferafts.

SOLAS requirements are minimum standards for VIKING
VIKING systems are tried and tested for capacity and stability in conditions at least matching, but often well above, those required for certification.

System features

  • Evacuation capacity: 736 people in 30 minutes
  • Reinforced chute with DuPont™ Kevlar® protects against the elements
  • Embarkation heights between 10 and 18 metres
  • Easy to deploy
  • Requires few crew to operate and little specialised training
  • Available with 2 high capacity 150 person liferafts
  • Supplied with either SOLAS emergency pack A or B
  • Complies with all major international regulations

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