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In-house drying lab: A bench-top system that captures complete drying characteristics of coated substrates from small-size samples. The system enables our process engineers to track rates of evaporation for water and organic solvents, along with determining the drying time required to reach target solvent or moisture residuals in the product. The drying lab is geared toward the early scale-up steps in formulation development, drying characterization, optimization and troubleshooting.


Heat transfer stand: Used for thermal characterization of drying and curing nozzles over a wide range of application conditions. Capabilities include quantitative heat transfer coefficient characterization and qualitative analysis of drying conditions to prevent defects, among other capabilities.

Parallel plate rheometer: Used to characterize the rheology of coating fluids to set up slot dies for optimal performance during coating trials.

Hirox Digital 3D microscope: Used for measuring coated samples, quality, defect analysis, and visual characterization of 3D objects/samples (catalyst, media, etc.).

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