- Environmental Monitoring and Reporting System


Environmental regulations require enhanced equipment monitoring and reporting to show assurance of compliance. The Durr MEGTEC, LLC (Dürr MEGTEC) EnviroMonitor™ system provides a simple method of reporting key indicators in a number of easy-to-use formats.

If you are a Title V facility or will be affected by a MACT regulation, you may be required to monitor, record and report items including:

  • Combustion chamber temperatures
  • Exhaust temperatures
  • Drive speeds
  • Duct pressures
  • Damper positions
  • Permanent total enclosure (PTE) data
  • Drive speeds
  • Other parameters

The Dürr MEGTEC EnviroMonitor provides a cost-effective method of electronic monitoring of regulatory or other data points in an encrypted format, allowing for regulatory approved reports.

Highly reliable and secure data storage is achieved with large capacity flash memory technology for both internal and removable storage media. A USB flash drive can now be used to transfer data to your PC. The Dürr MEGTEC EnviroMonitor system provides immediate advantages for your day-to-day operations.

The Dürr MEGTEC EnviroMonitor system eliminates traditional paper chart recording. Using custom monitoring and reporting, it allows for mandated equipment parameters to be securely monitored at locations around the world — all from your desktop. If there is a potential upset condition, the EnviroMonitor system can send an email notifying multiple recipients.


  • Dust and waterproof front panel
  • Internal non-volatile memory with error correction function
  • Front door lock and login functions
  • Flexible and intuitive display modes


  • Ethernet/IP, Modbus or Fieldbus connection from a compatible PLC which eliminates field wiring
  • Wide range of direct-wired inputs
  • TCP/IP and FTP protocol

Efficient Organization of Stored Records

  • Quick preparation of required reports
  • Central location for all necessary process and pollution control data history information

Secure Data Back-up

  • Saves data automatically to removable storage media
  • FTP transfer of files is possible

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