When volatile organic compounds (VOCs) exist in a solvent-laden exhaust air stream of a manufacturing process, they are either collected for recovery for potential re-use or they are destroyed. When the solvents have little or no recovery value or where there are concerns for disposal of toxic compounds, a destruction technology from Dürr Megtec such as thermal or catalytic oxidation may be the best option.

Our regenerative catalytic oxidizers (RCOs) combine the low operating temperature of catalytic oxidisers with the heat storage and recovery characteristics of a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO). This combination provides the lowest operating cost VOC oxidation technology available for applications with low VOC concentrations. Dürr Megtec uses its years of experience in catalyst development, application and testing to determine if an RCO is the right environmental solution for your application.


Our RTOs are designed for low to high volume air flows with high thermal and VOC destruction efficiencies. In many applications, the system will run in a self-sustaining mode whereby no additional fuel is required to destroy VOCs.

Dürr Megtec offers a range of RTO designs and configurations to meet your needs and provide the best solution for your application.

  • Economical two-chamber, single vessel design
  • Modular, multi-canister design
  • Modularly designed single bed, compact, flameless RTO with low operating costs
  • Customized application design needs, with extended residence times, gas scrubbers for off-gas clean-up, concentrators, and specialized materials of construction

While your existing RTO system may have been designed for optimum thermal efficiency at the time it was manufactured, new advances in media and catalysts give us more options for many exhaust streams that lend themselves to catalytic technology. In some cases, by converting from RTO to RCO, our customers can recognize a 50% reduction in fuel usage. Many actually achieve an operating condition (self-sustain) with no additional fuel required for oxidation.

The RTO to RCO conversion is a relatively simple conversion and often works in combination with your existing ceramic media, and can typically be accomplished with only a few days of equipment down-time.

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